Family Commitment

Life is about family commitment and all that comes with it. Be your best for yourself, family and everyone around you.


My wife and I have been married since August 2009. It has had its ups and downs along the way, but the most incredible thing about our marriage is that it continues to grow and flourish. I love my wife more now than I did when we first got married. The number one most crucial part of our marriage that I believe enables us to become more connected and close is our absolute commitment to each other. From there; love, respect, happiness, communication, finances and all things necessary to build a strong foundation, help us to achieve a fuller life that spreads to every other part of our lives.

Together we are now beginning to raise a family. We have a little girl Lena who is now 1 ½ years old and beginning to become her own person. To be our best selves is critical, as we img_1866have the huge responsibility of raising a child whom will hopefully become a wonderful human being. To provide her with the necessary life tools and a solid foundation from which to grow, we want to teach her everything that we have learned along the way. In my opinion, commitment to each other also encompasses your physical, mental, emotional and financial stability. Listening to one another and asking how your day was or is there anything I can do to help. It involves the day to day as well as dreaming about what the future may hold.

What I plan on setting out to do and continuing to learn as I put words to paper is to provide insight from others, share personnel experiences and dig deeper into our commitments, because it’s our responsibility. I want to constantly improve to do my best, create a positive home, raise internally motivated children, teach accountability, confidence, respect  and finance to name a few. There is also of course the joy of all the other things in between, from family activities to potty training, which we are just now attempting. I can’t wait to take a break from changing poopy diapers.

Without a solid foundation and commitment to family, how are we supposed to be productive employees, leaders and members of society? I believe that how you are in one aspect of your life is how you will be in all aspects of life and your interactions with img_3165everyone around you and what you do outside the home. The tools we use at home also apply to the world around us from how we treat people to budgeting or even planning.

Commitment to family to achieve happiness and success in all that life has to offer and to help others realize and achieve what matters to them. I am not an expert and have failed many times, but I have remembered my commitment. I continue to improve and learn from my mistakes and try to be as open and caring has I can. I have faith that if I continue to listen and learn, I will be guided down the path to prosper.

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