Healthy and Effective Communication – 5 helpful skills:

Communication is critical in building a strong relationship with your spouse as well as other people you associate with on a daily basis. Over the years my wife and I have gotten much better at effectively communicating with one another in a more productive and healthy way. Effective communication is ensuring what is being said makes the other person feel that they have been heard and understood. My wife and I have gained a stronger connection with one another by being there emotionally, engaged in what the other is saying or not saying through better communication. Being open creates a healthy environment to discuss all things that matter to each of us or just free to say what we’re thinking.

  1. Listening

It’s positively amazing what will happen when you become more attentive and interested in what the other is saying. Just simply stopping to listen without thinking what to say next will open up a whole new world. I definitely had to practice and still do. Listening allows you to pick up on how the other is feeling even when they may say, “I’m fine.” I do my best to listen to show respect and that I care about what is being said. It is a great time to learn more about them.

  1. Being engaged with full undivided attention

There’s nothing worse than when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone and they seem unengaged or distracted by something. Making eye contact and letting the other person know you are paying attention is not just polite, you are present. With small windows of time that I have with my family, typically during the week, I like to leave my phone in the car as it can be a huge distraction.

  1. Being assertive

When speaking with each other, I believe that it is good to be assertive and clear in what you’re trying to convey. This also takes a lot of practice. While it is beneficial to be assertive in getting your point across, it is also very beneficial to be clear and admit when you are wrong or not correct.

  1. Setting aside quality time face to face

Face to face communication is the most effective and healthy way to communicate in my
opinion. By devoting specific times together my wife and I are img_2401able to have more meaningful conversations. We are able to build stronger relationship and
increase our trust for one another. You simply can’t replace the feeling face to face.

  1. Body language

Paired with face to face communication you are more readily able to see and interpret body language. From a roll of the eyes, a smile, the crossing of the arms to all the subtleties that can be communicated without saying a word, body language can say quite a lot. Really picking up on my wife’s queues and uniqueness has done a great deal for our marriage.

Today is a good day start, let’s communicate more effectively with those we care about.

Featured Image Photo Credit – hrishikeshkulkarni


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