How to Build a Family Environment at Work

In my home we have established trust and instilled values that boost our commitment to one another. It is also a place to communicate openly and honestly, support each other’s endeavors and needs, looking out for the other, and sharing in our successes and failures; we are a team.  This environment can also be established within the workplace. Organizations and leaders that are successfully able to adopt a familial type environment have a wonderful opportunity not only for the camaraderie and general employee happiness, but long term success and growth.

Of all the businesses in the S&P 500 index, nearly one-third of them are family controlled.

Group of Business People Meeting Teamwork
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The success of these companies over time was found to have higher long-term financial success when compared to other companies as well as those that mimicked them. How are they able to be so successful? In part because of how their employees are treated. They build a culture of commitment and purpose as well as invest in their employees. And ability to have a stronger connection with their coworkers behaviors and decision making, creating “high-reliability organizations.” This brings about increased trust and commitment and in turn stability.Want to know some steps that can be taken to develop a familial environment in the workplace?


5 ways to build a family environment at work:

  1. Give “family” ownership in what they do by elevating their purpose and belonging. Along with increased responsibility and accountability for the outcome.
  2. Look out for one another as a family does. Help when one needs help, be supportive and help each other grow through continuous improvement.
  3. Establish values that promote trust by doing your best, working together, through honesty, commitment, encouragement and humility to name a few. In this way expectations are more easily met and adopted by the “family.”
  4. Give your employees a “Voice.” Allow everyone to be heard without fear of judgment and embrace each other’s uniqueness. Provide ways for everyone to get involved and communicate so that all can benefit. This will promote loyalty, confidence and further increase trust.
  5. Formulate a plan for the Future as a whole and individually by encouraging everyone to participate and provide input. The idea is that all will be enthused and find joy in striving to achieve the goals of the “family” as well as each other’s careers.

Start a conversation and get to know those you work with and strive to become a “family.”

Featured Image Photo Credit – Context Media Inc


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