The Benefits of Having a Family

My wife and I waited 5 years after getting married to have our first child to learn more about each other and develop a deeper relationship. When my wife told me she was pregnant, I was extremely nervous, but very excited at the same time. Am I going to have a life? Will I be a good father? How expensive is this going to be? What can I do to get ready? We did decide to do this on purpose and one of the first things I did was have conversations with my father to gather knowledge from him and what it was like having me. I can tell you now, that being a father is very rewarding and I couldn’t image it being any other way. It has led me to make even better decisions, grow, be healthier, have a stronger sense of purpose, and generally happier overall.

Being a family provides many benefits as well as a place for support emotionally, for love, and a sense of security. They help build and increase moral character, improve health, and independence. Family increases happiness and satisfaction in life. There is motivation to make better choices and to be a better person overall. Having family can improve heart health and help you live a longer life. It can even expand your social life.

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Your moral character is improved due to the extra motivation to be a better person. For example, within months of learning my wife was pregnant, I pursued getting into the UNR College of Business to get an MBA. Before I had thought about it, but just that extra little push really got me going. I wanted to improve my knowledge, job prospects and ability to see how I may be able to guide my daughter in the future. Definitely started thinking more long term. Having stronger moral character also increases how you teach your child about values, discipline, how they conduct themselves and their overall behavior. I’m not saying you have to have kids to have good moral fiber, but it doesn’t hurt.

There is a heightened awareness of my overall physical health. Appointments to get checked out by the doctor periodically have now become a priority. I want to be able to keep up with my daughter and to fully be there for her. Observing my siblings as well as other friends and family that had begun their families, I had a slight idea of what was to be expected. Starting a family has also helped in bringing all of us a little closer together and our connection with each other, improving my wife and I’s social life, by planning vacations with each other, offering up helpful ideas, and communicating more. Improving our mental health and well-being.

Remember all those questions I had before? They are still there with some, others, not even a consideration. I have effectively changed myself, for a new way of being me that has become a part of who I am for the better. It is amazing being a father. It has truly improved my overall happiness in this life. We do more outside the home, get to bed and wake up earlier, eat better, and operate more efficiently. Family has a way of helping you to become a better self through the desire to do so and putting others before yourself.

Leave me your questions or comments, I’d be happy to answer!

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