Toddler Friendly Beaches on Maui to Keep Them Safe

I have soon found that my daughter is pretty fearless, maybe a little hesitant at first, but once she gets going she doesn’t stop. I grew up around the water and learned to swim at a very early age and want to provide the same opportunity for my daughter. She is just getting acquainted with the water and has jumped in “head first.” This is her first time  ever being to the ocean which is obviously a lot different than your local pool. Yesterday I took her out to the beach in front of our hotel to give it a go. She quickly adapted and wanted to charge into the surf. So with that, while it was fun, we decided if we wanted to have any chance at relaxing and keep her safer, we better do a little research and see if there were any kid friendly beaches.

Lahaina Baby Beach

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Just a few miles south of where we are staying and conveniently located in the town of Lahaina is the baby beach. What makes this beach ideal is the fact that there is an exposed stretch of reef protecting the beach. This creates a calm and shallow area that avoids a shore break allowing my daughter to run around and have fun at the water’s edge without having to worry about her getting knocked down. It is stated as a location that many locals with small children frequent. It’s not the best beach, but does appear to be the safest. It also provides quite a bit of shade which makes it nice to escape the sun if you need to.

Olowalu Beach

Located about 7 miles South of the town of Lahaina is Olowalu Beach which is a little bit

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nicer and a little more fun if you like snorkeling. This beach is also protected by a massive reef, called “Turtle Reef,” creating a safe, shallow and calm environment for smaller kids to enjoy. The marine life here is plentiful and a good opportunity to peek around and maybe see a turtle when it’s your spouse’s turn to keep an eye out. When it’s windy out, this is the place to go as it is sheltered from the trade winds and a little more peaceful. Parking is along the side of the road and be sure not to confuse this beach with the surf break beach North of the Olowalu General Store, stay to the South.

Napili Beach

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This beach is about 7 to 8 miles North of Kaanapali on the North West part of the island. The safety could be questionable depending on the time of year or whether or not there is a surf break. The beach is really beautiful due to the “shimmering blue water and white sand” according to However it tends to be pretty busy as it is in proximity to all the vacation rentals and hotels nearby and its ease of access. It’s shallow close to the shore, but does deepen relatively quickly and may be a beach more suited to older kids. On a positive side, if you don’t plan on bringing a cooler and snacks, the Sea House Restaurant is located just a short walk off the sandy beach.

Have a good time and remember, always safety first.

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