Grandparents and Their Importance in Your Child’s Development

My mother and father have always been there for me. I may not have thought so at times during my younger years, but I have come to realize that all they wanted was the best for me. They provided me with the life skills, values and tools needed to make it on my own and lend a helping hand when needed. My grandparents were also very integral in my development and was fortunate enough have time to spend with them pretty regularly. I believe that spending time with grandparents is absolutely necessary for the full development of my daughter and do what I can to provide her with as many opportunities as possible to accommodate this, that and its just a good time being around them. Here are just a few benefits of grandparents participating in your child’s life and development.

IMG_3337Improve Behavior and Social Skills: According to research published by the American Psychological Association, stated that “spending time with a grandparent is linked with better social skills and fewer behavior problems.” By encouraging your child to have a relationship with their grandparents or at least one can be a good source of support as they more likely than not care for them as you do, and are someone who is outside the home and may offer a different perspective and understanding.

Can Be There to Lend an Ear: As my daughter gets older, as I am looking way into the
future here, I would like her to be able to confide in me and know that she can trust me to be there for her. However, I know there will most likely be times where that may not be the case. So hopefully she can look to her grandparents to listen to what she has to say, ask questions and know that she will get both. I have absolute faith in my parents to provide guidance and support. If anything, they are just fun to be around and personally, really fortunate to have them in my life.

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A Great Resource for Family History: I grew up in the small town of Poulsbo Washington and is also known as “little Norway” as it was settled by Norwegian immigrants and up until mid-1970’s continued to speak Norwegian as their primary language. My father has 100% Norwegian ancestry and began compiling our family’s over a decade ago along with getting video and recordings of my grandparents telling their story. With all of this information, my father has re-established relationships with our whole family as well as those that live in Stavanger Norway. Knowing where you came from can give one a stronger sense of self and identity in who you are as well as appreciate others and their ancestry. For me, its great to know my ancestors were Vikings.

Someone with a Wealth of Knowledge: One thing you hopefully have as your grow older is experience and wisdom. Grandparents have a lifetime of achievement, humor, tricks, learning, failure just to name a few. I am certain that once my daughter and her cousins are old enough, they would love to pass on that knowledge. It is a way for children to gain a different perspective and to learn new skills or ideas. “Knowledge, skills, and attitudes children pick up from grandparents tend to stick with them through life.”

Get to know your grandparents and encourage your children to know theirs.

Featured Image Photo Credit – my dad and wonderful grandfather


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