Why You Should Begin Teaching Your Kids Good Work Ethic Now

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I think that everyone can agree that having good work ethic is not only good to have, but necessary. Starting early and teaching your kids as early as possible gives them just that much more time to really understand what it means to have work ethic. Work ethic teaches them discipline, to do quality work, have integrity for what they do, that they are responsible for something, and to hopefully work as a team to achieve the desired outcome. By teaching them proper work ethic, you too are reminded of how important it is, as an adult in your profession, can always improve and be reminded of what is expected of both yourself and those you work with. It is necessary for a strong community both at home and within the workplace, it builds trust and signals to everyone around you that you are accountable and can be relied upon.

So how can you teach a two year old work ethic you might ask? There are quite a few things you can do in helping them understand the basic principles and help them to start building a strong foundation that they will last a lifetime. To lead themselves to a brighter more successful future and know their worth.

Provide Chores for them to do: Some of you may know what it’s like to have to have a metaphorical tornado cut a path through your living room as toys are scattered throughout your home or the pain of a Lego you just stepped on. Teach them to pick up after themselves after they are done playing with something. This will help them to learn responsibility as it is something that is expected of them and that you’re not going to just do it for them. It teaches discipline.

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Reward Them for Helping Out with Other Tasks: Chores are a requirement and are what is expected, however, you can give them extra things to do that you don’t yet expect of them and reward them for it. Working in the yard? Have them put the weeds in a bucket for you as you work as a team to accomplish something that is mutually beneficial to both of you, they learn teamwork.

Set a Good Example: Show them that you are consistent by doing what is expected of you as you expect of them to ensure there isn’t a double standard. Do what you say you are going to do and do it well; help them learn the value of doing something right and follow through on what you said you would do. We can’t just tell them, we have to show them with our actions.

Help Them Build Confidence: When they do something without you having to ask or something above and beyond what you expect of them, let them know that you are appreciative for what they have done with both praise and that you have taken notice. This encourages independence and that they are capable of doing something on their own or even creative in how they went about it. You can reward them, but keep in mind you don’t want them to expect it every time. Sometimes just your thanks and gratitude is all that is necessary.

Good Work Ethic Builds Character: By challenging them to figure things out on their own or by giving them something new to do can help build their resolve and determination when something may be hard to do, teach them to not give up. Teach them that doing something well or just putting in a solid effort isn’t just good form, but that what they accomplish and how they go about it is a reflection of who they are. Good work ethic in the end will provide them confidence to pursue anything they choose.

Are you teaching good work ethic? Please share your ideas.



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