How to Accomplish A Healthy Work Life Balance Part I:

With a full time job, pursuing my MBA and helping raise a little girl, I don’t always feel that I am able to keep it all in balance. It is a challenge and some weeks are better than others. Having a supportive wife at home definitely helps, but maintaining that through regular communication is key to having her stay on board. To have a mutual understanding of how your time is spent and to ensure there is quality time reserved just for your family to achieve balance between them and others that require your time. Time is a valuable commodity these days and it’s crucial to manage that time to get what you need to get done and for your overall well-being. How might you accomplish that?

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You Don’t Have to Be Perfect All the Time: What is important is that you put in a good faith effort in all that you do and “strive not for perfection, but for excellence.” As we age there is more that is required of our time and often responsible for. Keep raising the bar to improve, but balance your time. The main point is work hard for what you are seeking to achieve, but not to the point of exhaustion. Check out “The Office Survival Guide.”

Take a Time Out from TV and Your Phone: With how we are so connected now with technology it’s really easy to be checking your phone or catching up on your favorite programs. You have to leave some time yourself and your family and just be present with them. Play with your child and have a conversation with your spouse and spend some quality time with them. Check out “The Power of Resilience: Achieving Balance, Confidence and Personal Strength in Your Life.”

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Exercise a Couple Times a Week: It’s not always just about getting fit or trying to improve your health. While those are great pursuits, the other benefit is just having an outlet to eliminate stress so that you can refocus on your job as well as family. I have strayed away from this from time to time, but once I get back to it, I am reminded of how good it feels to take a break and exercise for my mental well-being. Don’t think about it, get to it.

Make a List of Top 5 Things You Value Most: Take some time to think of what you value most such as quality time with family, a best friend, and what is most important to accomplish at work. Set some goals, focus and prioritize your time around them. When there seems to be so little time and a lot of things to do, it may make it easier for you to know what you can cut from your schedule and not waste time on things that really may not be that important.

What’s your top 5 look like? Get focused and strive for excellence.

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