The Power of Just Being Yourself Part I:

My mother always used to tell me to just be myself especially when I thought life was maybe a little rough or unclear. She told me this so as to not be anybody different, to be true to myself.  It eventually improved my confidence in who I was and am now today. I think that if you pretend to be someone you’re not, most will see right through the façade. Being yourself everywhere you go helps build connection with those around you as well as adding to your overall happiness. It’s very powerful when you come to realize this and the success it will bring you in the future as well as the stronger relationships you create.

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Be Comfortable Being You: You can’t fool everyone or at least not for long when you aren’t being true to yourself. That and I’m sure it will eventually catch up with you and can be pretty exhausting trying to be someone you’re not. By being yourself you will allow yourself to live up to your full potential. I think that it takes some time to figure out who you are and what values you hold more closely, but once you start to figure it out you will see the benefits of opening up yourself for the world around you.

It Will Build Confidence: Through being yourself you eventually become more confident with yourself and will gain connections with those around you, people that you may become close friends with. People that are more authentic and may even share common interests with, but appreciate each other for one another’s uniqueness as well. I believe this is important in how one develops over time and the relationships they forge as one moves through life. It can be critical in whom you may end up committing to in the future to start your own family with. It aids in long-term success in those relationships as well as professionally in the workplace.

Reduce Stress: If you aren’t being you, then who are you being? It can be mentally and

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emotionally difficult to try and maintain being someone you’re not. You don’t need to be a people pleaser. It really opened my eyes when I was younger once I realized there is no way you can please everyone and trying to do so won’t end up the way you hope it would. I used to be habitually late to most everything I did from meeting up with friends to even work. I would over committed myself and tell someone I would be there at a certain time, knowing very well that I probably couldn’t make it, but said what I thought they wanted to hear anyway. I now show up early, which relieves a lot of stress in itself, but also learn to either say no or work out a plan that is mutually beneficial. Do your best to smile and laugh often to reduce stress as well.

Just be yourself and everything will work out. You will be happier by staying true to yourself.

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