The Power of Just Being Yourself Part II:

A local newspaper once asked my mother something along the lines of what advice she had for kids and their happiness, her answer was simply “be yourself,” and that was it, no long explanation needed. She had that clipping posted up on our fridge for the longest time as a reminder and probably thought it was pretty cool to be in the paper. I thought that was really powerful, clear and to the point.

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Each of us is Unique: Remember that there is no one like you and that you have a lot to offer to those around you. Embrace your uniqueness and see where that takes you. When you do this, more often than not, you will be more of a goal setter based on your interests, productivity level will go up and will be more enjoyable to be around in the home, work and life itself. “You were born to shine” and shouldn’t shy away from letting everyone see who and what you’re all about.

Be Inspired by others, but Create Your Own Path: We are all inspired to act or do something differently throughout our lives which is great and needed as well. However, take what you need from inspiration, make it your own, and create something new that gets you motivated to walk down your path. You will eventually be rewarded for what you create and strive to do. In creating your path, the first step may be, and I can’t stress this enough, simply to just be present. It takes practice and reflection sometimes, but in the long run it will only get easier. You ever heard the term, “better lucky than good?” this may be somewhat true, but really you are the one ultimately responsible in the path you take and what got you there in the first place. Listen to your “inner voice” and see where it guides you.

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Find a Quiet Place to Gather your Thoughts: You may find yourself being overwhelmed or life weighing on you and might start becoming a little pessimistic and thinking negatively. It’s the easy way. When I sometimes get like this or say something negative, I do my best to catch myself to force myself to ask for help or just pause and take a moment away from everything. I have found that making a list can help to collect your thoughts to give you a visual to push forward. This helps get you back to being you. Maybe even try being a big kid and doing something that is fun just because. In the end, do your best to take a calculated view of life and realize nothing is that bad and overall, life is great and what makes it great is you just being you.

What are your thoughts on being yourself? Go be a kid and have some fun.

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