Application of Work Life Balance; Balancing Work, School, Friends & Family:

This past week I was able to effectively and seamlessly budget my time between work, visiting an old friend, getting a significant project done for my MBA program and making time for my family. In order to accomplish all of this, I needed to ask for help and communicate this tight schedule. Through this blog, not something that I had anticipated on happening, was becoming more confident and/or comfortable with asking for help.

School & Friends:

I hadn’t seen my old college roommate for quite some time and my family and I have been meaning to go down to Los Angeles and visit, but there never seemed to be an opportune time with our busy schedules that is until the perfect opportunity came up. She received her BA degree with a specialization in broadcast journalism and knew she would be ideal in helping me out with my MBA project. This opened the door to both visit my friend and get some school work accomplished. So my family and I booked a flight to go visit an old friend for a four day weekend.


The other motive was to bring my daughter to Disneyland for the first time. As this was part of the plan, my mother in law also came down for the occasion and was able to visit with her as well. I really don’t like crowds and Disneyland is definitely one of those places, but I got through it. Just seeing the absolute joy on my daughter’s face as she rode the Winnie the Pooh Ride and got her picture taken with “Moanna” made it all worth the heat and crowd of people.



At work, we are in the middle of submitting our budgets for next fiscal year and imperative that we get everything turned in on-time. In coordinating my plans with my supervisor, I was able to flex my schedule in order to get in my required hours, the budget items before the deadline, and take off for a four day weekend.

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To ensure that I was able to execute and get in a budget, finish my project and other school work, visit with my friend and spend time with family at Disneyland, I made a checklist to get a visual and see how all of this would be possible and come together. More importantly I asked for help and communicated what I was trying to do to everyone involved. The plan involved specific tasks that needed to be accomplished by date and time and tried to focus on each individually, checking them off as I moved forward.

In the end, I was grateful for being able to spend time with a friend and work on a project with her, spend time with family, and accomplish both my school and work requirements. It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to something and purposefully set a plan to balance what seems to be an overwhelming schedule. This is a prime example of what ideal work life balance looks like to me.

Do you ever feel that making work life balance possible a daunting task? Start by making yourself a checklist. It gives you both a visual for the steps to be taken as well as reducing stress.


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