img_1857I am a Geologist, Project Manager and Drilling Manager for the Navy Geothermal Program Office (GPO). I first took a job with the GPO in 2009. The GPO is the is the Department of Defense’s lead organization for the exploration, development, and management of geothermal resources on military controlled land, worldwide.

I am also pursuing an MBA at the University of Nevada Reno to become a more knowledgeable and efficient leader as well as to continue learning and growing.

Outside of my career with the Navy GPO and school, I am first a family man. I am husband to a wonderful woman and have been married to her since August 2009. I am also a new father to a beautiful little girl that graced us with her presence in May 2015. I look forward to spending as much time as possible with my family after all my other responsibilities. Family is what I live for and want to do as much as I can to provide for, support, bring happiness and be there for them as a father and husband as they too do so much for me. With all the demands on my time, I must manage my time efficiently and continue to be there for my family, ensuring that I spend quality time with them as I balance life. They are my foundation.

I believe that family is the cornerstone happiness, success and a fulfilling life. Ensuring that I help build a solid foundation through commitment to family, I can be a better leader, friend and generally better human being to all those I meet. Commitment to family includes being respectful, loving, nurturing, being communicative, listening and being there for them always not matter what. With this commitment you will be provided with a very fulfilling life that continues to grow and surprise you.

With that said, how you are in one part of your life, is how you are in all aspects, including work. With a strong family foundation and the commitments that come with that, I believe that I can be that person in my career as well. Treating everyone I work with using the same guidelines I do with my family to build healthy relationships and an enjoyable work environment.

I grew up in the town of Poulsbo Washington by two very loving and encouraging parents. They instilled in me life tools, values and benefits of working and doing a job right, and to exceed expectations. Always be myself, smile, listen, treat people with respect, have proper work ethic, think for myself, that anything is possible if you only put your mind to it and be thankful. These tools have helped lead me down the path to where I am today. I started a landscape construction business, attended Central Washington University along with a semester at QUT in Brisbane Australia, got a job working for the Plate Boundary Observatory known as UNAVCO, Inc, adapted to the economic slowdown in 2008, and with patience have continued to thrive. While I have been fortunate to have a wonderful upbringing and early career, the most valuable to me,is and always will be, family.

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Project ManagementUniversity of Nevada Reno, road sign, the Odyssey, work life balance sign

Video can also be seen on YouTube at https://youtu.be/R1wlznDp1B0


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